Affiliated Companies

Dr. Chetty's Health Centre is affiliated to three other concerns – under the management of Mr. Murali Kannan Chetty

Which manages the Complex of Health Centre. This complex besides the facilities of the health centre has a private dental clinic, various non-Governmental organizations, warehouse, a Computer training centre, large conference room, car hire business and shops at basement.

This concern imports, retails and wholesales medical nutritional items such as for diabetics, elderly, children ect.. and medical appliances like orthopedic appliances, BP monitors nebulizers and a pharmacy outlet for non-prescription items. A pharmacy is to be included in this outlet in near future.


Health Centre Dr.Chetty is the leading medical provider in Seychelles. We have a proven track record of good quality services and we are open to the public 7 days a week, including Public Holidays.

Our Health Center offers outpatient services for both local residents and tourists alike.

Specialist Consultation

Special clinic for hypertensive, diabetics and more for all age groups.

Excellent Team Of Doctors

We make sure that our patients are treated accordingly by the right practioner in their respective field.

Modern Clinic

Striving to make sure that we are at the forefront of Medical and Health Services in Seychelles.

Home Visits

Upon request and based on our availability we can do home checkups as well.

About Dr.Chetty

Health Centre Dr.Chetty is a leading Private Primary Health care provider in Seychelles with branch clinic on Praslin the second largest island in Seychelles.

DR K Chetty is the Medical Director of the Centre and have in total 35 years of experience in private practice.

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